The Map

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This is an overview of where we’ll be stopping. There are so many people and places we’d like to see…but we can only do so much. As we are completely sick of this endless winter of 2014, we’ve decided to take a very southern route. This means, of course, we’ll have to do another road trip at some point to see everything (and everyone!) further north. We will stop and see various members of Karen’s family along the east coast, and then keep heading south until we eventually turn west.

Here’s the general route as planned thus far:

Maryland (family)
Richmond, VA (family)
Boone, NC (friends that are basically family)
Chapel Hill, NC (family)
New Bern, NC (family)
Surf City, NC (beach! friends)
Charleston, SC (BFF)
Savannah, GA (trees)
New Orleans, LA (friends, music)
Austin, TX (tacos, friends)
Marfa, TX (art)
Santa Fe, NM (magical dreams)
Albuquerque, NM (blue meth)
Phoenix, AZ (friends)
Grand Canyon (unsurpassed nature)
Las Vegas (ridiculousness)
Murphys, CA (family, mountains)
Oakland, CA (friends! family! time to look for a new home!)

Please leave comments if you have suggestions for things to do, see, etc! Already got some great feedback at our farewell party. Gotta see how much we can incorporate…


4 thoughts on “The Map

  1. When you are in Austin, if you have time, try to eat at Bouldin Creek Cafe. It is our new favorite place. It’s vegetarian, organic and local when possible, pretty cheap and oh so good 🙂


  2. We highly recommend stopping to see Pearl Fryar in SC 145 Broad Acres Road, Bishopville, SC, 29010–he along with his garden is on our bucket list!! If you have Netflix streaming –watch “A Man Named Pearl” 145 Broad Acres Road, Bishopville, SC, 29010 — Oh, and I see you are going to Richmond…if you have time stop at Chop Suey Books. Safe Journey! Cheers, Kari


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