Roswell to Santa Fe







rest stop




Hey guys! Sorry for radio silence. We drove through an awful lot of (very pretty) nothin’ the past two days. Sometimes just absolutely no cell service. Yesterday we made it as far as Roswell, NM before we had to stop and eat and sleep. No aliens were spotted…though we were told that in town, the traffic lights had little faces on them, so that “go” means “alien face.” Sadly, we did not see this wonder. Western Texas had pretty flat landscape, but different varieties of flat. Sometimes greenish, sometimes oil derricks, sometimes brown desert-y with cacti or tumbleweed. It rained a few times…we could see the weather coming, miles off. Saw a full rainbow, too. It was tricky to take photos because so many bugs were splatting against the windshield, so that it became pointless to fight it. We would squeegie when we could, but it would sometimes be over 30 miles between any sort of civilization. When we crossed into New Mexico, it sorta continued in the same vein…lots of oil business out there. It smells. You’ll drive for miles, and the air just smells. Some of the “towns” were just several deserted gas stations.

Today we had more of the same for a couple hours, and then the landscape started to change…slowly there were more green pine bushes and more elevated sections. The earth turned a bit more red. Then mountains in the distance, and more hills. And more. Driving in to Santa Fe was so pretty! We are here in an adorable hotel now, and are trying to do a quick post before dinner…but we want to explore the town a bit more and try to catch the sunset…so sorry some of these pictures are weird colors, etc. More pics later of adorable Santa Fe and the Canyon Road Galleries we saw today!

red rocks



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