East Coast!



Yesterday was relaxing and wonderful. We were able to spend time on the beach with my awesome, hilarious friends, Lauren and Will and their equally hilarious son, Max. My favorite moment was looking out and seeing Will and Lauren comparing their gathered rocks and shells, oblivious to their son shoveling sand on his head.

I found some sharks teeth!! It was very exciting, as it was my very first time discovering them. Also, Derek was excited that I gathered my own bag of beach rocks to add to the crap in our car ;o) He has been doing a fantastic job of unpacking and re-packing the car every day.

Thanks so much to the Raabs for sharing their beach house for a night. You guys are great.

Then we drove to my brother and sister-in-law’s lovely house in time for a delicious dinner. Jamie never fails to feed us well! Sadly, my brother is currently deployed so we did not get to see him on this visit. But we had a great time with Jamie and crazy Scout, who was running around with her chew toys all night, entertaining us well. Derek played fetch with her this morning before we left and she was very sad to see us go!

Thank you for everything, Jamie. Was so good to see you, and it’s always nice to pause with family. Also, your flowering trees are so pretty!

Y’all…Derek just started blasting Queen, and we are just now driving through Myrtle Beach. We’ve already passed about 5 mini golf places and multiple “Dick’s” establishments. Spring Break!


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