Here’s a little FAQ, of sorts! Based on what people are asking me…

We are moving to the East Bay – outside of San Francisco.

We hope to live in Berkeley or Oakland, or thereabouts.

No, we don’t have an apartment yet.

No, I don’t have a job lined up.

Yes, this scares my mom a bit. (I think. Mom, feel free to comment).

Yes, Derek has work…he works for himself, and much of his work follows him to the west coast. Of course, he is always looking for new clients.

The movers are coming to take our boxes on Thursday morning, March 27th. They load a truck, store our stuff for up to a month in NY, and then ship it out to us when we request it. If we do one month free storage, the earliest our belongings will arrive is May 5th. We hope to have an apartment rented by then.

Our actual roll-out date is either Thursday afternoon (if we get everything done in time) or Friday morning, March 28. It’s looking like Friday.

We plan to take just over 2 weeks to drive across the country, staying with friends, family, or cool spots that y’all recommend to us. (I’d like it to be longer, but we have to see how it goes. Money and Derek’s work schedule are factors).

We’ll be staying with awesome friends and/or Derek’s family while we look for an apartment (or house) to rent.

Yes, my family is sad that I’m moving “so far away.”

Yes, we have friends and family in the bay area. (Well, Derek has family there). Derek is from Northern California. Born in the mountains, lived in Oakland, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Central Valley, etc.

I’m excited about the sunshine, the food, the nature, the pace of life, the art, the weather, having more space, amazing parks and outdoorsy-stuff. Shall I go on?

Also – why? – because I’m totally sick of freezing cold, windy, miserable, gray, snowy winters. (Even though I tried desperately to find the beauty in it. See photo above).

Sure, I will miss New York and Brooklyn, and the East Coast. And the people I love dearly.

No, this does not mean I will regret moving. The world is small! Come visit!

Let me know if there are other questions!

(I know…you want to know exactly WHAT I will be doing! Let’s wait and see! I’m hoping to take a break from a full-time desk/computer job which was killer on my eyes, back, wrist, sanity. In a perfect world, I’m creating pottery or something else crafty and actually making money at it! Stay tuned for an Etsy shop…)



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